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An apartment in Las Terrenas?

The number of available apartments in Las Terrenas has increased greatly over the past few years.

In fact, the one-time fishing village nowadays attracts an ever increasing multicultural community.

Every year lots of Europeans and Americans come to settle in Las Terrenas because of the outstanding lifestyle this Dominican village has to offer.

Although the demand for accommodation has seen an overall increase a great deal of potential buyers are looking for apartments.

Indeed, considering the region´s features and the public interest in buying a property, apartments have numerous advantages.

The advantages of an apartment

A great selection of apartments - from small studios to luxury penthouses - is available on Las Terrenas real estate markettoday at prices to suit everyone´s budget.

Many foreigners investing in Las Terrenas live here only part-time and therefore buying an apartment in a residential complex is an ideal solution. A property management company dealing directly with the local tradesmen and companies takes care of upkeep and maintenance. It is worth noting that charges are greatly reduced in Dominican Republic thanks to the relatively low cost of labor.

By dividing maintenance costs among the various owners monthly charges are kept low.

Most residential complexes in Las Terrenas have one or more swimming pools as well as common landscaped grounds. The climate is ideal for outdoor life and conductive to a friendly atmosphere. Neighbors get to know each other, kids play together ... Life in a residential complex provides a social link and assures you of a great integration to the town!

Most residential complexes are gated, adding an extra advantage for anyone living in Las Terrenas for only part of the year.

Buying and apartment in Dominican Republic also allows you to avail of significant tax benefits. Purchase terms and registration fees are reduced. Property taxes are also very low.

For lease

Finally, owners can always lease their vacant apartments. In fact, Las Terrenas attracts numerous visitors each year looking for accommodation in residential style complexes. The local property rental agencies look after the lease of these apartments while the owners are away, making the investment very profitable.

In this context Aligio appart-hotel stands out for its constructions and complementary services. Come and check out the project or contact us.

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