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The wonderful story of Aligio: from all inclusive to luxury apart-hotel.

Aligio is an institution in Las Terrenas. Ask anyone on the street, “Terrenero” and resident alike will tell you where it is and will speak of it as if it were a part of the town. That´s only natural, the Aligio Beach Hotel was one of the hotels that put Las Terrenas on the international map as a tourist destination.

What were Aligio´s features and outstanding moments? Whatever happened to it? What´s so special about the new project everyone in Las Terrenas is talking about? Back to image.

The Aligio Beach Hotel

Aligio opened its doors in 1995. Back then, Las Terrenas was a tiny village with dirt roads and not the fashionable holiday destination it is today.

Far from the “all inclusive” idea, the 32-room hotel was a great success and to meet ever increasing demands it expanded to 80 rooms in 1998.

From 1998 to 2007 the idea evolved making Club Aligio an all inclusive hotel, one of three in Las Terrenas. It soon became well known for its quality services. During that time an Italian tour operator took over sales exclusively and holiday makers began arriving by charter flight directly from Italy to Puerto Plata. In later years the flights were directly to Catey airport, only 20 minutes from Las Terrenas.

Bewteen 2007 and 2009 Club Aligio expanded its clientele, mainly to the European public. A Spanish operator was in charge of management and sales and Aligio´s public diversified to include Spanish, French, German and Canadian visitors availing of the Club´s exceptional location and the pleasures of the tropics.

The hotel closed in May 2012 to be born again as…..

Aligio apart-hotel: harmony with nature and all-round comfort

Las Terrenas has grown and modernized without losing its original flare. So has Aligio … and from now on is called Aligio Apart-hotel.

It is now a project for 77 outstanding luxury apartments, not just because of the unequaled location, 2 hectares of landscaped gardens, large swimming pools and quality construction but also for its environmentally friendly approach.

Aligio apart-hotel also offers the advantages of residential living combined with hotel services.

The project was launched in January and took off immediately.

Reference point in Las Terrenas

Club Aligio was a reference point. Nowadays Aligio Apart-hotel is already a reference point in Samana and in the Dominican Republic.

Why not look at the apartment plans and check out availability.

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